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Wallpaper is Back!

Designers, architects and homeowners are clamoring to add drama and presence to their space with the new textures and nature-inspired wall coverings that are radically different from the florals and stripes of the old wallpaper era. A bonus of wall covering is that it typically lasts three times longer than a painted surface.

Who do you get to install this new breed of wall covering? A professional paperhanger.

Frank Conway has 25+ years of experience in the paperhanging and painting trades. Frank’s best qualities include good communication, attention to detail, professionalism and integrity.

Frank is licensed, bonded and insured, which means you can be confident that your home or commercial space is protected, along with all it’s contents. Frank is OSHA certified, which means the workspace will be kept safe.

Frank received Certification from the San Diego School of Wallpapering (no longer in existence), which means he knows the “tricks” of the trade, including but not limited to: using the correct primer so the wall covering is easy to remove in the future, pattern matching, double cut seams, and wire edging. Wallpaper removal is one of his best skills…it’s not for sissies!

Your wallpaper project will start with Frank measuring and examining your space, and giving you a free, written estimate. Upon starting the job, Frank will protect all floors and counters, use the correct preparation and priming products, and work in an organized and hassle-free manner. Once the wallpaper project is complete, Frank will leave the workspace clean.

These qualities are the reason Frank has worked with a majority of the Interior Designers and Architects in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area, as well as most of the major hotels, hospitals and schools. Frank has completed countless residential installations, many in the Enchantment Parade of Homes.

Frank has extensive experience with the following types of wall covering: traditional English paper, murals on canvas, photo murals, commercial vinyl wall covering, graphics, signs, Whiteboard and cork walls, grasscloth, fabrics and glass beads. The brands of wall covering Frank has installed includes Bradbury & Bradbury, Phillip Jeffries, Maya Romanoff, Koroseal, and de Gournay…and many more too numerous to mention.

Don’t wait to beautify your space with an elegant wall covering, call Frank for an estimate today! Phone 505-306-2500.