President’s Message

We’re full-swing into the monsoon portion of summer. Hooray! The flowers are in bloom and the bar-b-que grills are stoked up and producing appetizing aromas and cuisine. I want to take this opportunity to thank Board VP Pattie Hinds and General Manager Darleen Kosick for their leadership in converting portions of our flower beds to colorful perennials. I also wish to complement all of our residents who have been contentiously maintaining and grooming their properties. It’s great to walk and drive the streets of Tanoan enjoying the eye appeal of the surroundings. The beauty of our yards and common areas make Tanoan one of the most desirable real estate developments in Albuquerque. I encourage all residents to periodically review our Master Restrictions and the Sub-division Planning Rules for your neighborhood (e.g., Cypress Point, Fairway Estates, Masters, etc.). These governing documents are posted on web site under the upper “horizontal level” menu. Click on the Resident Forms drop down menu. Governing Documents will be in that menu. You have to scroll down for the Sub-division Planning Rules. We also update Policy, Planning Committee, and Administrative Resolutions on that web site under the Resolutions thumbnail photo. An up-to-date book of Resolutions is also maintained in the Association Office. Please be aware that our Home Owner Association is authorized to impose Penalty assessments on lot owners who do not comply with our covenants and/or rules. Moreover, delinquent accounts and penalty assessments are subject to interest for non-payment. Your cooperation in keeping your account in order is greatly appreciated. Congratulations and thanks to the six residents who (so far) have submitted candidate petitions for the forthcoming Board of Directors election. Three Board positions are due for new, two-year terms. The election will be held in October prior to the Annual Meeting. This year, we’re planning a “Meet the Candidates Forum” for any declared candidates who wish to participate. The Forum will be held at the Association Office on Wednesday, August 22 at 7 PM. Residents still have until September 1 to submit their petitions for candidacy but please submit your petition by the close of business on August 20 if you wish to participate in the Candidate Forum. We also expect to have openings on our Planning Committee by October of this year. If you are interested in serving on that Committee, please submit a short bio that addresses your background, qualifications, and motivations to the Office. Candidates for the Board and the Planning Committee positions are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings in order to become familiar with the issues being addressed. Our Association’s Golf Committee has opened a dialog with the executives of American Golf Corporation (AGC), which operates 26 golf properties, including Tanoan Country Club (TCC). All 26 AGC-managed golf courses are for sale by the parent company of AGC, Drive Shack. The Golf Committee has asked to meet with AGC executives to express concerns about the decline in appearance of the perimeter areas and some primary areas of golf holes that lie within our boundaries, namely Zia holes 2-8. We’re also concerned about the condition of the 40-yr old irrigation system. The current golf course conditions, if not addressed, will ultimately have a negative impact on residential property values as well as the market value of TCC. Thus, for financial reasons TCA and AGC are stakeholders in ensuring that the necessary improvements are made by AGC and the new owners.

Best regards,
President Philbin