President’s Message (Oct 2016/Nov 2016)

Planning Committee Chairman Floyd Gering and Director Patti Hinds recently completed the revision and updating of the Tanoan Community Association’s (TCA) “Book of Resolutions.” These resolutions were formulated at the beginning of the HCA and have evolved over the years. The “Book of Resolutions” consists of an orderly and indexed record of the more far-reaching and precedent-setting types of resolutions which were adopted by the Tanoan Board of Directors. This revision/update of the “Book of Resolutions” reflects the current processes and procedures for governing the HOA. The new format for the “Book of Resolutions” consists of three parts (sections): Section 1 is titled Policy Resolutions, Section 2 is designated for Administrative Resolutions, and Section 3 consists of Planning Committee Resolutions. Each section sets forth rules to facilitate the carrying out of duties, responsibilities, and obligations as mandated by the governing documents for the Board of Directors (BOD) and the Planning Committee. The new and revised “Book of Resolutions” along with the “Archive Books” are kept in the TCA’s offices and are available for inspection by any member of the Association upon request during normal office hours. It is also the objective of the TCA to make these resolutions available in the near future on the official TCA web site. Kudos to Patti and especially to Floyd for their hard work on this project.

For those residents who do not get the TCA weekly email, I sadly report that on August 12th, a loose gray pit bull attacked two dogs in the Masters neighborhood resulting in the death of one dog and the injuring of the second. ABQ Animal Control has investigated; however, neither Animal Control nor TCA Patrol have been able to identify this animal. Should a resident observe a gray pit bull dog running loose, they should call Animal Control at 311, then call the TCA gate/patrol.

It is that time of year for the election of officers to fill vacancies on the TCA’s Board of Directors. This year Patti Hinds, Jeff Philbin, and Marshal Adams have thrown their hats into the ring. Each resident household will have received a ballot and all are encouraged to vote for these candidates. The results of the election will be announced at the TCA’s Annual Meeting. Our annual meeting will be held on October 20th from 6 to 8PM at the Tanoan Golf Course Clubhouse. Refreshments will be served. I hope to see you there.

Best Regards,
Paul Dembnicki