President’s Message (June-July 2017)

As you receive this newsletter, we will have completed one third of the Seal Coating or Phase II and final phase of our paving project. Hopefully residents will have picked up a map and parking tips from the HOA Office.

PARKING RESTRICTIONS ARE SUSPENDED DURING PAVING. While this project is an inconvenience to all residents including BOD members, I very much appreciate your patience and cooperation during this project. This is one of those crucial projects occurring every 6 – 7 years that ensures the maintenance of our streets.

Residents are encouraged to consider running for positions on the Board of Directors this fall. Two positions will be open for election this year. Interested residents should complete a “Petition for Candidacy” form included in this newsletter and available at the HOA office, attaching a Bio that gives some personal information, work history, and goals for serving on the Board. This information should be furnished to the HOA office by Monday, August 14, 2017, so that ballots can be prepared and included in the mailing of the HOA’s 4th Quarter assessment. Election results will be announced at the October 2017, Annual Meeting.

Director Jeff Philbin has continued to monitor PNM requests for increases in their rates. With the help of TCA Account Manager Cathy Hepler, comparison of TCA’s PNM bills for March and April, 2017 to March and April, 2016 clearly shows an increase of approximately $400 per month. This difference can be completely attributed to a recently instituted $7 per meter “customer charge.” The HOA has 57 meters = 57 customers = $399. These meters are for our common areas. PNM is petitioning the PRC to raise this fixed charge to $12 per customer meter. This increase also applies to individual customers. This action, if approved by the PRC, discourages responsible energy consumption. Why become more energy efficient if PNM increases their rates with equipment/customer surcharges rather than actual kilowatt (KW) usage. PRC public hearings are scheduled for this summer. Jeff has been in contact with PRC Commissioner Cynthia Hall at 888-427-5772 expressing the view that PNM’s request for these increases be denied. Individual residents are encouraged to contact the PRC to express their views.

With anticipated increases in the HOA’s water rates, Directors Patti Hinds and Marshall Adams, along with GM Darleen Kosick and LEECO, are undertaking a review of our water usage. An initial idea was the replacing of some annual flower beds with perennial flowers requiring less water. Further ideas may include planting native flowering plants. A recent resident of Albuquerque and first time visitor to Tanoan commented to Linda and I, “What a beautiful neighborhood.” As all residents would agree, beautiful surroundings are one of the reasons why we like Tanoan so much.

I look forward to seeing you at our monthly Board meetings, and encourage you to run for positions on the BOD.

Best Regards,
Paul Dembnick