President’s Message (June 2016/July 2016)

What follows are a few topics that have been discussed and/or approved by the Board of Directors (BOD) since the last newsletter.

On April 13th, Director Vadare Cornelison, Planning Committee Chairman Floyd Gering, resident Betty Jones, and I were interviewed by a reporter from “Albuquerque The Magazine.” The reporter is doing articles on local neighborhoods. We described to her how much we enjoy Tanoan and that, in our opinion, it is the most beautiful residential site in the city; that it was started in 1979 and has 679 lots; that we are self-managed, have 24/7 coverage at our Academy gate, and a roving patrol; that the HOA is very concerned about water and tree conservation and recently installed new LED lighting throughout the community. This is proving very cost effective, which is an important consideration in any of the BOD’s decisions. Finally, it was shared that Tanoan residents are very involved in many aspects of their community. The reporter seemed pleased and commented on the variety of the homes and the beauty of Tanoan. It is anticipated that her article will appear in an upcoming issue of “Albuquerque The Magazine.”

As many of our residents have observed and the Country Club members are aware, the golf course has many areas that are not being watered or maintained. The Country Club GM has advised us via e-mail that they were assessed a 25% increase in their water costs. They responded (maybe too quickly) by cutting back irrigation in areas deemed to be out-of-play. Unfortunately, there were/are several large areas that now look brown, un-maintained and not very attractive. The Club re-assessed their original decision by turning water back on in some areas, while leaving others dormant. A plan is being developed to make these areas more aesthetically pleasing. This plan will include “landscape renderings” of those areas, which will be shared with us. The BOD will continue to keep lines of communication open with the Golf Course regarding this issue.

At the suggestion to our GM, Ed Lyons, a tax consultant has been retained to determine if the HOA can obtain some relief from its property taxes. Because the HOA office building is owned by all of the residents it will never be sold, and Tanoan maintains its own roads, it would seem logical that we may be in a position to have the HOA’s property tax bill reduced. The consultant’s fee will be a percentage of how much our tax bill is reduced.

Finally, a wildlife camera has been installed on the Zia 6 golf hole. This is the fourth such camera the BOD has placed around our community. Hopefully, we will continue to only get pictures of coyotes, rabbits, and cats, and not two-legged critters!

Please join the BOD at its monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM.

Best Regards,
Paul Dembnicki