President’s Message (Feb 2016/Mar 2016)

The first three months of 2017 have been a busy time for our community and your Board of Directors (BOD): we have directed a written protest to New Mexico’s PRC Commission concerning PNM’s request for a rate increase; PNM has been on site to do repair work; the BOD developed and approved Tanoan’s budget for 2017 – 2018 during its March meeting; and Phase I of the Paving Project has been completed.

As indicated in my last message about PNM’s requested rate increase, Tanoan sent a letter of protest to the PRC Commission challenging this. The PRC acknowledged receipt and made it a matter of record. Therefore, our testimony will not be required. The PRC hearing is scheduled for June 5th. Interested parties can listen to proceedings on the PRC website.
PNM electrical contractors arrived on site during the second week of March to begin required clearing around Tanoan’s transformers. This work became necessary, as there were a number of power outages recently that resulted in failed transformers. The clearing of shrubs and trees was necessary so electrical workers could access and, if necessary, repair the transformers as part of
PNM’s complete testing of the underground cable system.

As it is that time of year when our Homeowner Association (HOA) budget is up for review, Tanoan’s budget for 2017 – 2018 was approved at the March BOD’s meeting. The Board is pleased to announce that there will be NO increase in our monthly dues for the upcoming year. In compiling this budget, particular attention was paid to potential increases in both water and electrical charges. The BOD is looking to establish a water committee in an effort to determine where savings can occur in our water usage. A special thanks goes to Director/Treasurer Charlotte Schoenmann for her efforts in compiling this year’s budget.

Lastly, Phase I of our paving project was completed in mid-March. Phase II, the seal coating of the entire road surface of our streets, is scheduled to begin on or about May 24th and last approximately 10 days, depending upon weather conditions. Because of trash pickup, no seal coating will occur on Mondays or Tuesdays. PHASE II WILL BE THE MOST DIFFICULT PART OF THIS PROJECT. A map is being developed to indicate the date each neighborhood/street will be coated. Specific, individual flyers will also be furnished to each household in advance and via weekly email. No resident, visitor, contractor, nor landscaper vehicles will be allowed to drive on the newly sprayed road surfaces between 7:00AM and 7:00PM on the day of coating. Driving or walking during this 12 hour period will damage the road surface and would track residue onto sidewalks and driveways. The coating is extremely difficult to remove. If driving is necessary, residents should park their vehicles at indicated areas the night before the seal coating. Overnight parking restrictions will be suspended. On the more narrow streets, in the interest of safety, parking on part of a sidewalk would be acceptable. Your understanding and cooperation during this process is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to paving committee members Bill Farmer, Steve Bonner and Floyd Gering for their hard work.

I hope to see you at our monthly Board meetings.

Best Regards,
Paul Dembnicki