President’s Message Aug-Sept 2015

I want to start off by saying how sincerely shocked and sorry I am by the recent sad event in Tanoan having lost a loved and respected member of our community in such a tragic fashion; Mr. Bart Rutledge. Our deepest condolences go out to his entire family from the Board of Directors & our staff.

I will this keep message brief this month and just say that I hope the rain continues to make our lawns and gardens beautiful! In my case it’s raining just as hard inside as it is outside due to roof leaks! I urge everyone to come to our Board meetings on the third Thursday of every month at the Tanoan Office at 7 pm, it really is a great way to learn about the goings on in your Community and stay abreast of all the projects and activities and current issues that come before the Board.

I would also like to invite all Tanoan ladies to the Chatty Chicks coffee group held on the second Thursday of every month at 10am at the Tanoan Office. It’s a lot of fun, all we do is talk and laugh a little too loudly and eat all kinds of great stuff we probably shouldn’t be eating and visit with the wonderful women that live in this community. No men allowed! (Get your own club!)

All my best, Pattie