Presidents Message (Oct/Nov 2015)

238: the magic number! That’s the number we need for a quorum to make our election count! (No pun intended.)

You might think that out of 679 possible votes, 238 would be easy to obtain, but it isn’t. So please, when you get your ballot, fill it out and return it. As with any other election, let your voice be heard.

Please come to the Annual Meeting on October 22nd, see friends, have a bite to eat, and a cocktail at the bar.

Throughout the night there will be door prizes! The meeting will be informative. Hope to see you there.

Sometime in late October our new community lights will be going up. The style compliments the character of the Community. The street lighting committee did an outstanding job of selecting the beautiful new look! The committee stated they picked a style that will enhance the overall look of the community during the day as well as night. A special thanks to Steven Collins and the committee.

One feature of the new lighting that I feel is very important to mention is the light that they give off: downward, not horizontal, and aimed at the street and sidewalks, lighting up the dark spots, and hopefully making the community safer.

Safety has been at the forefront of many of the things we have done for the community this past year. APD has worked very closely with Ed Lyons and the Board to stop the crime we have experienced. We know we aren’t exempt from crime, but there are steps to be taken to stop it and hopefully they will be effective.

We want the bad people in Albuquerque to know that we aren’t an easy target. The crime prevention committee has worked very hard, coming up with numerous recommendations (good ones) to make us safer. Some are already done and some are set to be done in the near future.

Thank you to Betty Jones and the committee for their hard work.

Fall is here, the chile is roasting (I love that smell) and the Holidays are really getting too close for comfort.

Once again my deadline to have all my presents bought has come and gone. Oh well, I’ll just wait until the last minute, as usual.

All my best, Pattie