The following rules, effective 6/15/04 and revised effective 1/15/09, are enacted to ensure compliance with the City of Albuquerque Water Conservation, Landscaping and Water Waste Ordinance amended 3/11/04.

All yards, front, side and back, must be landscaped within six months of completion of a residential unit on the lot. Landscape plans and changes must be approved by the Planning Committee before implementation. Landscaping shall be in conformance with the following:

  1. Forty percent (40%) of all front yards and forty percent (40%) of the side yards adjacent to the street on corner lots must be natural grass that is visible from the street. To determine the size of the yard, front yards and side yards shall be defined as that area between the back of the curb and the front and/or side fa├žade of the dwelling excluding the driveway and the sidewalk adjacent to the curb (street walk). The intent of this rule is to comply with provisions in the City of Albuquerque ordinance that a property owner cannot be required to install high water use turf covering more than 20% of the total landscapable area of a lot. Should a property owner of a corner lot wishing to remove turf from the front and/or side yard determine that compliance with this policy may place them in conflict with the City Ordinance, the Planning Committee shall work with the property owner to consider a variance to the 40% front and side yard rule.
  2. The grass should be placed so that it is adjacent to the street walk and furthermore, if two lots have adjacent front yards and if the grade difference is less than twelve inches (12″), the grass should flow from one yard into the next creating the visual impression of one large expanse of grass.
  3. The remaining sixty percent (60%) of all front yards and side yards of corner lots shall include lead walks to the dwelling and the balance may be grass, flower beds, rock or other ground cover. If rock is used, it is recommended that the size range from crusher fines to river rock. Lava rock, cinder and white rock are not permitted. When laying a weed barrier under rock/gravel, it is recommended that a permeable landscape fabric be used in place of the less desirable black plastic. Any landscaping or re-landscaping plan, including xeriscape, must be submitted to and approved by the Planning Committee before implementing the plan.
  4. All lots shall contain a minimum of one 2″ caliper or greater shade tree in the front yard and corner lots shall have a minimum of two additional 2″ caliper or greater shade trees in the side yard adjacent to the street.
  5. All plant material must conform to the City of Albuquerque approved plant list.
  6. If planters are built adjacent to the golf course wall and if dirt is to be placed against the golf course wall, it must be sealed from moisture by the use of mastic.
  7. EXCEPTION. There is no grass requirement on lots with 100 sq. ft. or less of front yard landscapable area. All other rules apply.