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colorfulFlowersThis website is designed to keep every resident and future resident informed and up-to-date on the vital issues that affect all homeowners. You will quickly find access to the governing documents, calendars of upcoming community meetings, copies of our latest Tanoan Talk newsletter, home improvement information and links to association pages and the e-mail address of all officers and directors.

The Tanoan Community Association, Inc. is located to the west of Eubank Blvd. in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights, with its own homeowners association. Our community consists of ten individual neighborhoods providing a variety of housing options. Our families enjoy an environment of open green spaces and family friendly living in a well cared for community that has gracefully maturpond4ed since its inception.

The Tanoan Community Association, Inc. has committed and talented neighbors who have come together with great ideas, and then volunteered to put them into practice. There are always important decisions to be made about how to continue maintaining and improving the look and feel of our community. We encourage you to get involved in community social events, volunteering as a committee member or just voicing your opinion at board meetings. We hope you will share your talents as we continue to maintain a safe and desirable community in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights.

Tanoan Pavement Preservation Schedule and Information

Message from the President

President’s Message (Aug-Sept 2017)

PAVING PROJECT: I want to thank the Tanoan residents for their patience and understanding for our just-completed paving project. The crack-and-seal coatings were applied to extend the life of the asphalt for another 5 – 7 years and not just to make it look good. We have some limited repairs still to make as a result of the city trash truck’s broken hydraulic line, which left stains on the new seal coat. We will be getting bids to rectify the problem and file a claim with the city. Additional surface stop sign strips will also need to be painted. Both of these projects should cause only minimal disruption.

At the June Board of Directors (BOD) meeting, a number of residents called the Board’s attention to the increasingly poor condition of the Tanoan Golf Course. A committee was established, consisting of Bob Reule, Chairman, Karen Hudson and Dick Wilhelmi. They will
be interacting with the Golf Club, Tanoan East residents, and others to discuss how our Tanoan community is being negatively affected and how the Country Club might improve course conditions. On June 23rd, the committee, BOD Vice-President and golf club member, Jeff Philbin, and I met with Club General Manager, Doug Wayne. Doug expressed an understanding of our position and promised to communicate with his corporate headquarters about our concerns. We provided Doug with photographs of problem areas and a sample of how we develop our xericscape plans so that Tanoan receives the most in water authority rebates in return for dollars expended. He is forwarding these to
his corporate officers and inviting them to meet with us regarding these issues. We anticipate a response from Doug certainly by the 1st of August. Tanoan residents, both Country Club members and non-members, are welcome to provide their concerns and comments regarding golf course conditions to the HOA office.

FUTURE INCREASE IN MONTHLY HOA DUES: The BOD has been discussing current and upcoming expenses and how they might necessitate an increase of monthly dues:

-The recent paving project cost $184,809. When we pave again, it will need to involve the milling of some of our streets. When this was done in 2010-2011, the cost was$674,520, so we will have to budget for a higher expense for the next project.

-There will be increases in salaries.

-Our irrigation system is deteriorating, i.e. three leaks in as many weeks which cost $1,600 to $2,000 each to repair.

-Water bills have continued to increase, from$73,583 in 2015 to $81,360 in 2016.

-Electric bills continue to mount. The new street lighting saved money in 2016, but electric rates have increased in 2017, with another scheduled for this fall.

In anticipation of these expenditures, the BOD is considering a substantial hike in our monthly HOA dues. For instance, an increase of $14/month would total $570,360 in five years and
$798,504 in seven years. Any change would take effect on January 1, 2018. The BOD has always been reluctant to raise monthly dues. It feels, however, that paying as we go is better than having a huge assessment in the future.

I hope to see you at our monthly BOD meetings.

Best regards,
Paul Dembnicki, President