Welcome To The Tanoan Community Association

colorfulFlowersThis website is designed to keep every resident and future resident informed and up-to-date on the vital issues that affect all homeowners. You will quickly find access to the governing documents, calendars of upcoming community meetings, copies of our latest Tanoan Talk newsletter, home improvement information and links to association pages and the e-mail address of all officers and directors.

The Tanoan Community Association, Inc. is located to the west of Eubank Blvd. in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights, with its own homeowners association. Our community consists of ten individual neighborhoods providing a variety of housing options. Our families enjoy an environment of open green spaces and family friendly living in a well cared for community that has gracefully maturpond4ed since its inception.

The Tanoan Community Association, Inc. has committed and talented neighbors who have come together with great ideas, and then volunteered to put them into practice. There are always important decisions to be made about how to continue maintaining and improving the look and feel of our community. We encourage you to get involved in community social events, volunteering as a committee member or just voicing your opinion at board meetings. We hope you will share your talents as we continue to maintain a safe and desirable community in Albuquerque’s far northeast heights.

Tanoan Pavement Preservation Schedule and Information

Message from the President

President’s Message (Feb-March 2018)

We’ll be halfway through winter by the time this issue reaches you.  Some of our avid skier residents are lamenting the lack of snow through mid-January; but our golfer friends sure aren’t complaining.  The mild days during the winter are perfect for getting the yard spruced up.  It’s a good opportunity to trim and shape your overgrown shrubs and clip off those thin suckers and unwanted branches that sprout from the base and lower parts of the trunk on some trees.  Thanks for keeping Tanoan beautiful.  

We have recently enacted stricter pet control rules and heftier fines ($100 per violation).  For example, we’ll be enforcing an 8-ft lease length limit, which is consistent with the city regulation.   We love our pets but please train your pets to do their business at a specified area on your “own property” before going out for a walk.  And, when out exercising/walking your pet in the neighborhood, please keep your pet on the curb side of you and away from residents’ and common area properties, and off the golf course, too.  This will keep your pet from accidently soiling others’ property and will help you to avoid a fine. Thank you for your cooperation.   

The Board has been making progress on several projects. You may have noticed work involving the installation of several new water meters to circumvent leaks in the western leg of a large irrigation loop in Fairway Estates. We are also evaluating proposals for the modification and remodel of the Academy Gate House. To learn about these and other projects, come to our Board Meetings, held at 7 PM on the third Thursday of every month at the TCA office.